American left’s tyrannical impulse is greatest threat to freedom, writes historian WILFRED MCCLAY

Wilfred McClay is Professor of History at Hillsdale College and author of Land of Hope: An Invitation to the Great American Story

We are living through a teachable moment. The lessons on offer are familiar ones, but in urgent need of review.

The first lesson is from Ronald Reagan, the guy whom all the smart people have dismissed as passé, who taught us repeatedly, and never more memorably than when he told us that ‘Freedom is never more than one generation from extinction.’

The message is that freedom is fragile, perishable, ever in need of protection. We need to remember the lesson, once again.

The second lesson is that the principal effort to shut down American freedom today is coming from the political left in our own country.

Usually, we assume that the extinction threat will come from the outside, from some dark and unblinking enemy, like the Soviet Union or China.

Or that if there is an internal threat, it surely must come from the fever swamps of the fascist right-wing.


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