Day care worker Bianca Reynolds ‘beside herself’ after reportedly leaving Nevaeh Austin on a hot bus

Pictured: Childcare worker Bianca Reynolds

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Pictured: Childcare worker Bianca Reynolds 

A childcare worker who was one of two staff on the bus where a little girl almost died after she was left for six hours is beside herself and ‘going through a tough time’.

Le Smileys Early Learning Centre director Bianca Reynolds is hunkering down with her mother and sister at her home in Gracemere, in Queensland’s Rockhampton region.

‘This is a horrible situation for anybody,’ her protective sister Emily told Daily Mail Australia. ‘She’s going through a really tough time.’

Ms Reynolds was reportedly on the mini bus which picked up three-year-old Nevaeh Austin from her home about 9am on Wednesday morning for the school pick-up.

Police are now investigating how both Ms Reynolds and her colleague came to forget about Nevaeh, who was the only child on the bus at the time.

One of Ms Reynold’s colleagues found Nevaeh unconscious beside her belongings on the bus when they returned about 3pm to begin drop offs.

The three-year-old has improved…