‘Greedy’ finance boss who stole more than £65,000 and splashed out is ordered to pay back £1

Vicky 'Fortune' has been found guilty of fraud but ordered to pay back only £1 (above) Vicky Fortune

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Vicky ‘Fortune’ has been found guilty of fraud but ordered to pay back only £1 (above) Vicky Fortune

A finance boss who embezzled over £60,000 and spent it on flights, holidays, and designer shoes has been ordered to pay back only £1.

Greedy’ Vicki Fortune, 42, funnelled thousands of pounds into her own bank accounts within weeks of joining a construction business which has worked on Westminster Palace, a court heard.

During her 15-month fraud campaign she ‘spared no thought’ for colleagues at risk of losing their jobs as she booked weekends away which left the company in dire straits.

When she was finally caught by Abigail Mayor, a junior accounts worker, she blamed it on being cash-strapped after a divorce and claimed she owed bailiffs £20,000.

Judge Timothy Mousley QC ruled that Ms Fortune, from Waterlooville, Hants, ‘went past that point’ and was being ‘greedy’ as he jailed her for 16 months in December last year after she admitted to fraud by false representation.