How London’s ‘socialist Eton’ Holland Park School descended into anarchy: GUY ADAMS investigates

The start of the summer term, and in schools across Britain, teenage boys and girls are diligently preparing for the all-important exams that will shape their futures.

Teachers mark practice GCSE and A-Level papers late into the night. Pupils fret about coursework and grades. The smell of freshly cut grass drifts into crowded, silent libraries.

Unless, that is, these youngsters have the misfortune to be enrolled at Holland Park School, a famous institution in Kensington, London, known as the ‘Socialist Eton’ due to its popularity among filthy-rich Left-wing parents who refuse to educate their children privately.

This historic bastion of trendy liberalism, where politicians Roy Jenkins and Tony Benn, Labour luvvies Antonia Fraser and Ken Russell, and generations of virtue-signalling local millionaires have sent their offspring, was on Wednesday the scene of an impromptu riot.

A protest by about 50 pupils against the recent stewardship of the school (following the departure of their…

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