Medieval women used bread kneaded on their bodies as an aphrodisiac, historian reveals

When we think of people who lived in the Middle Ages, it is usually the crushing poverty and high infant mortality that stand out. 

But now a historian of the medieval period has revealed something less well-known: the ploys that women used to get their other halves into bed. 

Speaking on a new podcast, Dr Eleanor Janega said that one bizarre method involved wives kneading dough on their naked bodies before baking it to turn it into bread and then serving it to their husbands. 

Some medieval women also believed that honey was an aphrodisiac and would smother it ‘all over’ their bodies before putting it ‘in things’ and then serving the foods to their other halves. 

The historian also quoted from a bizarre ‘penitential guide’ – questions priests asked members of their congregation to get them to admit their sins – to highlight an even more obscure aphrodisiac. 

Written by 10th century bishop Burchard of Worms, it described how ‘some women’ would put a ‘live fish’ in their vagina…

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