Man’s lucky escape in Redfern after he heard a loud ‘crack’ before fig tree fell on his luxury car

Man’s near-death escape after he heard a loud ‘crack’ and then watched as his luxury sports car was crushed by an enormous fig tree

  • A massive fig tree crushed a car in Redfern, Sydney, at about 9am on Tuesday 
  • Driver, Jason Chong, was only left with a few scratches on his hand from crash
  • Mr Chong said he was lucky and thanked people that helped him escape the car
  • Maintenance on the other fig trees will be done regularly to ensure future safety 

The driver of a luxury sportscar driver escaped death by mere centimetres after a massive fig tree suddenly fell on top of his vehicle.

Jason Chong was on his way to his workplace at Maroubra in Sydney on Tuesday when a large fig tree fell on top of his car as he drove near Redfern Park about 9am.

Mr Chong said…

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