Border Patrol is in talks to roll out hi-tech ‘smart walls’ that detect intruders

Border Patrol is in talks to roll out hi-tech ‘smart walls’ that can detect intruders approaching on foot or in underground tunnels, and launch autonomous drones with facial recognition to catch coyotes and drug-runners.

Technology company DarkPulse claims it has pitched its sophisticated fiber-optic cables to Department of Homeland Security officials as a solution to policing miles of remote and unprotected US borders in states like Arizona.

CEO Dennis O’Leary told exclusively that the technology can create an x-ray-style picture of an area just by burying a small and near-undetectable cable in the ground.

The technology would allow Border Patrol officers to scan miles of the US southern border in real time using VR-headsets which O’Leary likened to Batman’s ‘Batvision’.

‘You need a barrier, because you can’t have boots on the ground everywhere,’ he said. ‘But any schmuck with a shovel can dig underneath a wall.

‘And because there’s parts of that wall that are so remote,…

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