Cost of chicken and bread SOARS as Ukraine war squeezes supplies from Poland

Catering companies in Britain are facing a price squeeze on meals supplied to primary schools and nurseries amid the soaring cost of chicken and grain as they struggle to produce nutritional meals for children.

The cost of chicken is up by 20 per cent after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, because of a huge drop in exports to the UK from Poland. This follows a fall in the number of workers in Poland’s poultry factories and the three million migrants in Poland who fled the war and are now being fed with Polish chicken that is not making it to Britain.

The price of grain is also soaring due to the invasion which is crunching supplies and having an impact on the cost of the likes of flour and bread – something that is also filtering through to the provision of food to schools.

School meals in England generally cost £2.30 per day or £11.50 per week, but catering firms warned of a ‘crisis’ because the price is set by the Government and hasn’t changed in nine years, which has wiped out any…

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