Hannah Clarke: Tricks and lies Hannah Clarke’s monster husband used to convince cops he was harmless

The following is a conversation between police officer Justin Nigel and Rowan Baxter from when the 42-year-old was served a domestic violence application, which he would breach just six weeks later. 

The officer arrived while Baxter had his youngest daughter Laianah, 4, who he had abducted from a skatepark just a few days earlier. 

Police informed Baxter the protection order would prevent him from seeing her, and her older sister Aaliyah, 6, and Trey, 3. 

1. Rowan Baxter: Hi?

2. Justin Nigel: Hey mate, Justin Nigel (?) from the Carina Police. 

3. RB Can we go inside?

4. PO Yeah mate yeah.

5. RB [unintelligible – ‘(ui)’].

6. PO Oh mate I will explain as much as I can for you. Mate I will just get you to state your full and correct name for me so I know I have got the right bloke.

7. RB Rowan Charles Baxter.

8. PO And date of birth?

9. RB 9th of the 5th 1977.

10. PO Like I said mate my name is Constable Kersey, Carina police. Mate just here to serve you a police protection notice and a…

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