Farmer loses nine cattle from lighting strike costing $18,000 as 110mm rain smashes Queensland 

Farmer loses nine cattle from a single lighting strike costing him $18,000 as 110mm deluge smashes Queensland

  • The grazier heard a loud noise that tripped a circuit breaker on his fridge
  • But the damage was far worse than just some groceries possibly going off 
  • Nine cattle were probably close together when the lightning struck them

A farmer has lost $18,000 worth of livestock after a lightning strike on his property killed nine cattle.  

John Ellrott watched carefully for lightning strikes and grass fires from a hill during last Monday’s storm before going to his home a couple of kilometres away when it got dark. 

Once inside, the grazier heard a loud bang and a circuit breaker suddenly tripped on his fridge.

But the damage was far worse than some…

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