EU snatch superyachts owned by oligarchs… as UK flounders

The EU has impounded more than £500million of yachts from sanctioned oligarchs in 48 hours while Britain is still to grab a single supercar, mansion, artwork or asset from Putin’s richest allies after the Government was accused of failing to seize on the benefits of Brexit and getting bogged down by red tape from the country’s top QCs.

Ministers have been accused of being ‘too soft’ and ‘frightened’ of Russian billionaires – some of whom have donated to the Tories – despite an independent and more nimble sanctions regime being hailed as one of the big benefits of the split from Brussels.

While the UK has sanctioned 200-plus indiciduals, banks and businesses, the 15 oligarchs on the list haven’t yet lost a single asset – but within 48 hours of sanctions in the EU, two yachts were impounded in Germany and France. 

Russia has more than 120 billionaires and experts say that there are dozens of oligarchs with links to Britain who remained completely untouched by sanctions, as well as…

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Written by Bourbiza Mohamed

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