Dashcam footage captures vehicle crash after driver sparred with another over a spot on a highway

Shocking moment road rage driver aggressively trying to overtake truck on New Jersey highway loses controls and crashes into cliffside

  • Dashcam footage captured the moment two vehicles jockeying each other for a spot on the highway before one of them crashed into the side of the road
  • The footage was recorded on the Palisades Parkway in New Jersey by YouTuber Racerwong.Shooterwong who was driving behind the vehicles at the time
  • The incident began when a Honda Accord attempted to merge over into the left lane of the highway before being blocked by a Ford F-150 Raptor
  • A spat then ensued as the Raptor continuously blocked the Accord from getting around them
  • The Accord unsuccessfully got ahead after cutting in front of other vehicles on the road and then losing control of the car and crashing into a cliffside
  • The video poster then informed the Palisades Parkway Police of the incident
  • Racerwong.Shooterwong told that police said the driver of the Accord is ‘ok’ although…

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