Citipointe Christian College: Mum slams school contract issued to parents denouncing homosexuality

A mother at a Christian school which demanded parents sign a contract allowing their children to be expelled if they don’t adhere to ‘doctrinal precepts’ about sexuality and gender has opened up in an emotional interview on The Project.

Helen Clapham Burns was also a teacher at the Citipointe Christian College in Carindale, Queensland but quit on Monday saying she couldn’t continue to work for a school that would do that to children.

The contract states that homosexuality is a sin, immoral and ‘destructive to human relationships and society’.

Ms Burns said on Monday’s program she ‘couldn’t agree to be a teacher in a school that had that vocabulary and language around some of the most vulnerable kids that we interact with.’

‘As an educator, my priority is to make sure that each child that I interact with feels safe. When a child tells us, with tears in their eyes, that they don’t feel safe, what are we doing?’ she said. 

The show’s hosts, notably Carrie Bickmore, looked on the verge…

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