Woman recalls waking up after brain tumour surgery with no recollection of Covid pandemic

A woman who woke up from brain tumour surgery during the June 2020 lockdown has revealed she lost all memory of the previous seven months, including the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

When Karen Eggleston finally awoke in King’s College Hospital, London, she was shocked find she had a completely shaved head and asked why doctors were rushing over to her with swabs and masks. 

The 50-year-old consultant, originally from Westerham in Kent, had suffered a seizure at home and went into cardiac arrest in June 2020, flatlining for 10 minutes.

After completing brain scans to check the cause of her medical episode, it was discovered that she had a brain tumour. 

She spent a week in a coma after doctors worked to remove a grade one olfactory groove meningioma – a benign growth in the cranial cavity between the brow and nose – which needed surgery to remove.

But when she finally came-to, her last memory was of an argument with her then partner of 10 years during November 2019 – leaving her…

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