US Representative issues groveling apology after being blasted by Auschwitz Museum

Ohio Republican Warren Davidson has issued a groveling apology for ‘offending anyone’ after he was blasted by the Auschwitz Museum for likening vaccine passports to Nazi ID cards. 

Despite his active stance on vaccine passports over the last few days on Twitter, the representative has issued an apology to his ‘Jewish friends.’ 

‘[I] feel terrible that I have offended anyone,’ Davidson, 51, wrote on Twitter on Thursday. 

‘For my Jewish friends, and all others, my sincere apologies.’ The apology was attached to a longer statement where the Congressman quoted Mark Twain and appeared to defend his actions. 

He wrote: ‘”History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes.” – Mark Twain. I had hoped to point that out,’ he wrote on Twitter. ‘Bad things happen when governments dehumanize people. 

‘Sometimes, there is a next step – to systematically segregate them. Unfortunately, any reference to how the Nazis actually did that prevents a focus on anything other than the Holocaust.’ 

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