Mammalian meat allergy: Tick bite causes fresh meat anaphylaxis – except for McDonalds cheeseburgers

A tick bite gave me a bizarre and deadly allergy to beef, lamb and pork – so WHY can I still eat McDonald’s cheeseburgers without a care in the world, asks ELIZA McPHEE

  • I developed the mammalian meat allergy after being bitten by a tick at 14
  • I can’t eat beef, lamb or pork – but I am able to have McDonald’s cheeseburgers
  • My allergy developed into deadly anaphylaxis and I now require an epi-pen
  • Other symptoms include breaking out in a full-body rash with major hives
  • Allergy specialists say reactions can depend on how the meat is cooked

I’d always loved meat growing up – sausage sandwiches, lamb cutlets and of course, Christmas ham.

So I was far from thrilled when I discovered that I had developed an allergy to red meat at the age of 14.

I had been bitten by a tick and developed what is now known as a mammalian meat allergy, which saw me develop the…

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