KN95 masks distributed to House of Representatives members are stamped ‘Made in China’

The KN95 masks distributed to members of the House of Representatives to wear on the chamber floor are branded ‘Made in China,’ a recent photo shows, the exact country where the virus began back in 2020 Republican Representative Andy Biggs pointed out.

The picture, which was first obtained by Fox News, shows one of the distributed masks that are now required to be worn in order to enter the House floor. 

The mandate is a result of the House physician, who recently directed lawmakers to explicitly wear an N95 or KN95 mask and not a cloth one.  

Representative Andy Biggs, R-Arizona, pointed out the cruel irony, telling Fox it was fitting ‘for the Democrats to be handing out masks that were made in the same place the virus originated.’ 


Members of the House of Representatives now have to wear KN95 masks on the chamber floor were brandished with ‘Made in China’ on the side them, according to a recent photo first obtained by Fox News

Rep. Andy…

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