How will ‘private citizen’ Andrew fund the £5m legal battle to clear his name over Virginia Roberts?

Money lies at the heart of all Andrew’s problems.

It was what drew him to Jeffrey Epstein – the multi-millionaire paedophile financier – in the first place, a move that set about his downfall.

And money, or the lack of it, will be playing a large part in his decision-making now.

Despite his grand 30-room, seven bedroom home, Royal Lodge, a stone’s throw from Windsor Castle, Andrew is, like most royals, not cash rich.

He has never had the funds required to underwrite the lifestyle of private jets, luxury ski chalets and days on the golf course that he and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson so hankered after, which led him to rub shoulders with a coterie of international undesirables who could pay for it.

And he is certainly not rich enough to afford the £5million to £6 million estimated legal bill he is likely to be left with as a result of his decision to fight this case and clear his name over the sex allegations levelled against him by Virginia Roberts.

Money is what drew…

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