Ghislaine Maxwell is facing the prospect of spending Christmas Day locked behind bars


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A bruised Ghislaine Maxwell is seen in this photo of her alleged mistreatment in prison 

Ghislaine Maxwell could spend Christmas Day in a 10×12 prison cell as she awaits a verdict in her high-profile sex trafficking case. 

The jury of six men and six women is still out in the third day of deliberation. 

Despite not being found guilty of any of the alleged crimes, Maxwell faces spending Christmas Day – which is also her 60th birthday – behind bars at the Metropolitan Detention Center, what she’s described a ‘hell hole’ and where she’s been held since her arrest in July 2020.  

And while court wasn’t meant to be in session on Thursday, December 23, Judge Nathan told the jury that they could deliberate on Thursday if they have not reached a verdict by the end of Wednesday.  

If they do not reach a verdict by Thursday, the jury will reconvene after the Christmas holiday. 

Maxwell has maintained her innocence and her lawyers have bashed her accusers as having false memory and…