Kyle Richards & Kathy Hilton’s Hunky Dory Amazon Fashion Picks

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Kyle gushed, “These pants are a jogger. I love this color. It always looks chic. These pants you can dress up too with a bootie and a cute little blouse.” Kathy told her sister, “Kyle, look at this. I’m sorry. I’m just so excited. How gorgeous is this set together, with the boots?”

Kyle continued, “I love love love these colors. When you think of a sweatpant outfit, you think ‘Oh, it’s a casual look,’ but if you wanted to be more elegant looking, more chic, and still comfortable. This is just such a beautiful chic look even if you’re just cozy in sweats.” You can get this same color that Kyle and Kathy adore or you can check out the 11 other colors. This set has 2,000+ five-star Amazon reviews.

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