Brandon Scott Jones Explains Isaac’s Coming Out on Ghosts

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Not the coming out story we expected.

In the Nov. 18 episode of Ghosts, titled “D&D,” viewers watched as Isaac (Brandon Scott Jones), the ghost of a Revolutionary War soldier, made a shocking confession: He’s a murderer. A flashback scene revealed that Isaac accidentally shot his British rival, Nigel, while admiring the adversary through an eyeglass he mounted on a rifle.

This was understandably shocking news to Nigel, but it was even more surprising for us tuning in, as we thought Isaac was going to reveal his true feelings about the British soldier. Isaac’s sexuality has been implied throughout the series, with the 245-year-old ghost even seemingly crushing on Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar) at one point.

And, in “D&D,” the fellow ghosts suggested that Isaac and Nigel have been crushing on each other for some time. So why didn’t Isaac tell Nigel how he really feels in the new episode?

Well, according to Brandon, this is just one step in Isaac’s bigger journey of self-discovery. “Yes, Isaac comes out of the closet in this episode, but not necessarily as a homosexual,” he exclusively told E! News, “but as a murderer.”

Per Brandon, Isaac has suffered “a lot of guilt and a lot of shame” over this accident, and possibly blamed his sexuality in the process.

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