IKWYDLS Stars Tease How the Show Differs From the Film

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Thus, we invite you to kick off your count down for the Oct. 15 premiere by taking a look at what the cast had to say about the adaptation.

E! News: Can you talk to us about how Amazon Prime Video’s I Know What You Did Last Summer differs from the movie and book?

Madison Iseman: I like to think of our show as a nostalgic stepsister to both the movie and the book. We definitely pay tribute to all. And it’s nice, you know, they gave us such a great floorwork to go off of. Our stories very much start the same way, we have a fatal car crash…and a killer, who will literally stop at nothing to absolutely horrify us all. But we also have a completely new setting and we have a new cast. Our story is very character driven—yes, there is a killer on the loose that’s coming after us, but what really drives us and our stories are all the secrets everyone’s been holding…Also, we have smart phones! I’m sure the cast in the ‘90s would’ve loved to have an iPhone during this time. So, that plays a big part as well.

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