Fifteen-year-old schoolgirl steals the show at NSW Covid press conference

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Fifteen-year-old schoolgirl steals the show at NSW Covid press conference with claims she’s ‘better than Brad Hazzard’ as she eloquently praises new ‘social bubble’ for teens during lockdown

  • Schoolgirl Alyssa took centre stage at today’s NSW Covid press conference 
  • The 15-year-old impressed with her answers to journalist’s questions 
  • She answered questions on home schooling and getting vaccinated
  • NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard said Alyssa would be ‘in charge’ one day 

A fifteen-year-old schoolgirl left hardened journalists and NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard stunned after how well she answered questions at a press conference.

Called on to offer a young person’s perspective on the new ‘buddy bubble’ announced by the NSW government, Alyssa quickly stole the show.

‘I’m Alyssa and I’m in Year 9 at the moment. I’m 15 years old and I know that lockdown has been incredibly hard for everyone lately,’ she introduced herself. 

‘However, children and young people definitely want to do the right thing and also be able to socialise because lockdown is incredibly isolating for everyone.  

‘Being able to socialise whilst also abide by the new rules through the friendship travel bubble will definitely help us all greatly at the moment. Thank you.’

Journalists at the press conference used to the practised lines of politicians and experts were left open-mouthed by Alyssa’s fresh delivery.  

‘You did a good job there. Better than the Health Minister, if I can say,’ one reporter comments.

Alyssa then took some questions on how lockdown had impacted her and her friends, and whether they were all keen to get vaccinated.  

‘I know everyone is excited to be vaccinated around me,’ she responded.

I am double vaccinated at the moment which is a great relief to know I’m protected transitioning into going back to school and seeing people again. 

‘I’m aware that all of my friends and family are also quite excited to be able to get vaccinated and feel safe going back into the community.’

She said doing schoolwork from home for an extended period during Sydney’s lockdown had been hard.  

‘Of course it’s difficult but utilising support networks and the facilities the school provides has definitely been helpful. 

‘I’m lucky enough to have a great school program at the moment but I know a lot of people might not be so fortunate to have home learning as effective as what I have at the moment. 

‘But definitely it’s doing pretty well at the moment.’

Health Minister Brad Hazzard then returned to the microphone and expressed his amazement at Alyssa’s poise before the media pack.

‘How about that? To have young people like that is just amazing. And to think that our community is going to have her and her friends in charge at some point is amazing,’ he said.

In new rules announced on Monday night, under-18s are now able to visit each others’ homes and gather in groups of three as part of a friends’ bubble.

Children must nominate which three friends will be part of their bubble and can’t change their mind

Bubble participants must live within five kilometres of each other or in the same local government area, and adults in the kids’ households must be fully vaccinated.

Parents and carers must not interact with each other when dropping kids off at their friend’s house.

The bubble has been extended to HSC students who can study in groups of three.


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