FBI finish two-day search at home of Trump supporter, 49, who threatened Capitol with fake bomb

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The police and FBI have lifted their search on Floyd Ray Roseberry’s (pictured) house and property 

Cops and the FBI finished searching the home of the Trump-supporting accused Capitol ‘bomber’ Floyd Ray Roseberry late Friday night – and Saturday morning a woman resembling his wife was in the yard clearing up. 

Police and federal investigators brought in a bomb disposal truck and spent two days at the isolated house and six acres of land surrounding it.

Saturday morning, a woman closely resembling Roseberry’s wife or partner, Janay Yarbrough, was outside as arrived.

Standing beside a boat and with a large dog barking furiously in a cage, she claimed she was just a friend helping out the family. However, when asked if she was OK, she grew tearful.

Roseberry, 49, appeared before a federal magistrate judge in Washington on Friday, and was charged with threatening to use a weapon of mass destruction and attempting to use an explosive device.

Roseberry drove his black pick-up onto a sidewalk outside the Library of Congress Thursday, claimed it contained a bomb made with Tannerite and demanded to speak to President Joe Biden.

The FBI spent two days searching Roseberry’s property and brought in a bomb disposal truck

A woman resembling his wife or partner Janay Yarbrough was seen standing near this boat Saturday as she cleaned up the yard

A woman resembling his wife or partner Janay Yarbrough was seen standing near this boat Saturday as she cleaned up the yard

Roseberry, 49, livestreamed himself during a rant directed at the president on Facebook, in footage now taken down from the site. He surrendered after a five-hour stand-off that paralyzed the area.

The withdrawal of investigators from his property in rural Grover, North Carolina, comes after exclusively revealed the accused’s feud with locals, who have complained about him setting off explosives.

Landowner Wayne Davis, whose spread borders Roseberry’s much smaller acreage, said he was terrified for his safety after falling out with him. He claimed Roseberry would set off up to 400 rounds of ammunition when he was around  to intimidate him.

The police also searched the six acres attached to the house, where landowner and neighbor Wayne Davis said Roseberry would shoot off up to 400 rounds of Tannerite or dynamite whenever Davis was nearby

Davis, 66, said, ‘I would be hunting deer with friends on my land and suddenly he would be on his, next to us, and he would shoot three of four hundred rounds of ammo.

‘Then he started shooting off either Tannerite or dynamite. It would just make your hair fly back when it went off.

‘I was afraid of him. Because when we were hunting, he was just shooting like crazy on his land. You didn’t know where the bullets would be going. You just didn’t know.

‘I would make sure I had a lot of cover between me and where he was shooting from.

‘He’s been doing all that shooting and blowing up stuff for like two years. Officers have talked to him in the past about it. But he told them he was trying to scare the coyotes so they wouldn’t kill his goats.’

Roseberry drove his pickup truck onto the sidewalk outside the Library of Congress on Thursday. He went on Facebook live and demanded to speak to President Joe Biden and claimed he had a Tannerite bomb

Roseberry drove his pickup truck onto the sidewalk outside the Library of Congress on Thursday. He went on Facebook live and demanded to speak to President Joe Biden and claimed he had a Tannerite bomb  

Tannerite is a bomb material, which Roseberry claimed he had in his truck. Washington cops said they did not find a bomb following the five-hour standoff – but did find possible bomb-making materials.

Davis added: ‘I told the police he was supposed to be getting the Tannerite explosive from some guy that worked at Reliance Electric, a plant near here. They just shut.’

The landowner said their feud began several years ago. ‘I tried to be friends with him, but he’s hard to be friends with.’

Roseberry eventually gave in after a five-hour standoff with police on Thursday

Roseberry eventually gave in after a five-hour standoff with police on Thursday

‘I have 82 acres and I leased him some land. He said he wanted it for deer hunting, but then said he was starting a deer preserve, where nobody could shoot deer. And that didn’t suit me, so I quit renting it to him. And that’s when he got real hateful to me.

‘He expressed his dislike of me taking the land away from him. He didn’t like me after that, at all.

‘I was afraid of that guy. I thought he would physically harm me. And I knew he was nuts. I could tell he wasn’t right.’

Davis said his mother had owned Roseberry’s house and he sold it to the accused ‘bomber’ nine years ago after she died. He said Roseberry bought it with Janay, his wife according to some reports.

‘He and Janay supposedly got married at some point, but I don’t know if they did or not,’ said Davis.

‘When the police piled around his house after he posted that video from Washington, I thought, man he must have robbed them banks in Gastonia. When I found out later what really was going on, I was stunned, despite what had already happened between us.’

The landowner refused to have his photo taken because of the feud. 

The owner of a diner where Roseberry used to have breakfast most days said she was shocked when she realized one of her customers created terror in the nation’s capital.

Tiffany Waldron, 44, who runs the Carolina Crossing Restaurant in Grover, said: ‘The guy was usually so quiet. He’d just come in on his own for his usual cooked breakfast, ham, eggs, that kind of thing.

‘I really cannot believe it. I would never have suspected there was something going on with him. No clue at all.’

Roseberry told a federal judge Friday he has not taken his ‘mind medication’ and was ordered to undergo a mental competency hearing.

If convicted, he could face a sentence of up to life in prison.

A law enforcement official in North Carolina recognized Roseberry and contacted the FBI to tell agents that someone had reported the accused recently ‘expressed anti-government views and an intent to travel to Virginia or Washington, D.C., to conduct acts of violence,’ according to court papers.

Reportedly, a family member called local police in North Carolina to warn them about Roseberry the day before the bomb threat.  

The official said Roseberry also said he ordered a trench coat ‘to protect him from Taser and pepper ball guns and he would just tip his cowboy hat at the police’. 

During the standoff, Roseberry communicated with police using a small dry-erase board that he held against the driver´s side window of the truck. ‘Please don´t shoot the windows the vibe will explode the bomb,’ one read, according to court papers.

In Friday’s hearing, he told the judge he couldn’t fully understand what was happening because he had been denied medication while he was in custody. Roseberry told the judge he had gone to school until the eighth grade and then later earned a GED.

He said he had not received medication for his blood pressure and his ‘mind medicine.’ Roseberry said he had ‘been denied it for the last week I´ve been here,’ but later said it had been two days.

He was in police custody for about 24 hours before he appeared in court.

Magistrate Judge Zia Faruqui ordered a competency hearing and Roseberry detained without bond. He is due back in court Wednesday.

During his rant Thursday, Roseberry said: ‘It’s time to take a stand. I’m an American patriot. I’m here to take a stand.

‘We got a few options here, Joe. You shoot me, this two and a half blocks is going with it. You’re talking about a revolution? The revolution is on. It’s here. It’s today.

‘So if you blow my truck up, man, it’s on you, Joe. I’m ready to die for the cause.’