‘Cheeky’ P-plate driver pushes in front of another car at set of traffic lights

Sneaky P-plate driver merges in front of a car at a set of traffic lights before ugly road rage dispute – but viewers are divided over who was most at fault

  • A dashcam video shows a P-plater driver pushing in front of car a traffic lights 
  • The driver of the other car then tries to take back his spot and rams the car  
  • Viewers commenting on the road rage video were divided over who was at fault  

A young woman who drove through a parking lane to cut in front of cars stopped at traffic lights has sparked a road rage crash – with viewers divided over whose side they are on. 

Dashcam shows the P-plater skipping the queue on Rawson Street, Auburn in Sydney’s west during the morning peak hour rush on Friday. 

However, the driver of the silver Toyota isn’t having a bar of the pushy move – accelerating forward in an attempt to reclaim their place in line. 

The P-plater pushing in

The P-plater pushing in

The P-plater in the green hatchback zips up the parking lane and then pushes in front of the silver Toyota (pictured) 

The driver can be seen waving his fist at the young motorist before his car clips the front bumper of her green hatchback – prompting her to jump out take a picture of the damage. 

The lights turn green and both cars drive off, however, the P-plater then almost immediately veers in front of the car with the dashcam equipped at the last second, almost causing another collision. 

Some of the 1,400-odd people commenting on the video said the driver of the green hatchback was at fault not only for pushing in but for crossing an unbroken line between lanes.

‘Unfortunately, a lot of drivers think their blinkers are forcefields and by putting them on they thing they can go wherever they want,’ one person said. 

The Toyota driver fights back

The Toyota driver fights back

The Toyota driver tries to reclaim his spot and rams the corner of the hatchback prompting the driver to jump out and snap some pictures 


Who do you think is more at fault?

  • Green hatchback 0 votes
  • Silver Toyota 0 votes

‘She needs to lose her P plate licence. And have 10 more driving lessons, before getting it back with that attitude,’ agreed another.  

Though many other argued she may have made a mistake and the silver Toyota driver overreacted.  

‘The reason they can get in is because there is a large gap. The attitude of the silver car driver is bad. You should give way to other drivers whenever safe, especially L and P-platers,’ argued one person. 

‘If someone makes a mistake that doesn’t give you the right to damage their property,’ added another. 

‘So she did the wrong thing. Toot her or shake your head at her but seriously road rage? No need for that,’ a third said. 

After the light turns green the cars drive off with the P-plater almost immediately veering in front of the car with the Dashcam (pictured)

After the light turns green the cars drive off with the P-plater almost immediately veering in front of the car with the Dashcam (pictured) 

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